ATC Loudspeaker Technology Ltd is a sound manufacturer established in 1974 and located at Gypsy Lane, Aston Down, Stroud GL6 8HR, United Kingdom. ATC’s initial products are bespoke drive units and in the 1980s it began developing active systems; in 1996 it began launching hi-fi products including the SCA2 preamplifier and the SPA2-150 power amplifier. ATC’s products enjoy a high reputation in the audio and audiophile community and are used in many of the world’s leading multi-channel recording studios, concert halls and theatres, including Danmarks Radio.

The product certification needs of the factory include: Initial factory inspection timescales for contractual delivery dates, certified product testing control requirements, key component control requirements for certified product, implementation of certified product confirmation tests, product change requirements and application procedures.

In 2013, ATC won the bidding to provide audio equipment for a Shanghai theatre and applied for the CCC certificate to CQC for the first time, and the product involved in the application was P4S four-track power amplifier; the task of initial factory inspection before certification was performed by CCIC London. In the early stage of CCC product certification, although ATC’s audio product manufacturing was at a higher professional level, ATC did not have a comprehensive understanding of the factory quality assurance capacity requirements of China compulsory product certification due to geographical limitations, communication and other objective limitations, especially the understanding of the requirements for routine product testing, validation testing and function testing of test instruments and equipment and the control requirements for product certification change. When the task of initial inspection before CQC certification was assigned, the time limit for delivery stipulated in the contract was approached and the management of the factory was very anxious. Upon receipt of the factory inspection task assigned by the CQC, the factory inspector team of CCIC London contacted with the factory immediately and negotiated the inspection date; Thinking about the urgent need of the factory, the factory inspector team prepared an inspection plan and collected relevant technical materials in the shortest time and conducted factory inspection in a timely manner. During the factory inspection and subsequent nonconformity rectification link, the factory inspector team made use of its professional ability, explained and publicized to the factory the implementing rules for compulsory product certification of audio and video equipment, factory quality assurance capacity requirements of compulsory product certification and relevant Chinese national standards involving audio and video equipment one by one in detail, and helped the factory complete nonconformity rectification successfully in a timely manner, pass the factory inspection and obtain the CCC certificate eventually. After obtaining the CCC certificate, the factory completed product delivery within the time limit stipulated in the contract smoothly. In the subsequent annual CCC supervision on the factory inspection task, the inspector team of CCIC London explained specific implementing requirements for routine product testing, validation testing and function testing of test instruments and equipment to the factory continuously through its own professional ability and knowledge; it gave continuous improvement suggestions for the management procedures and implementing requirements in the aspects of consistency control of certified products, change control, CCC certificate and mark use management of the factory and helped the factory improve the internal quality control management system of CCC-certified products. The management of the factory spoke highly of and recognized the professional ability level and service level of the inspector team of CCIC London and expressed its wishes multiple times to invite CCIC London to continue to provide the annual factory inspection service for the factory and provide more product certification services on that basis. ATC currently holds three CCC certificates: two for high performance powered loudspeakers and one for a 4-channel power amplifier.