The certification system recognized by the state refers to the certification system developed by the CNCA solely or jointly with relevant departments of the State Council according to the unified certification standards, implementation rules, and certification procedures (hereinafter referred to as the national certification system).Till 2017, China had implemented 25 national certification systems (see Table 3), and more than 120,000 certificates for various national certification systems had been issued.


As the outcome of a combination of national policy and market demand, the national certification system plays an important role in the social governance system. For example, according to the Administrative Measures for Energy-saving and Low-carbon-emission Product Certification, the NDRC, AQSIQ, and CNCA, jointly with the relevant departments of the State Council, determined the matters concerned in product catalog, certification specification, and result recognition, and encouraged the certification bodies to carry out energy-saving and low-carbon-emission product certification in fields such as industry, building, transportation, and public institution according to the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Energy Conservation and relevant national industry policies and recognized the certification results.