In order to ensure that the impartiality, management ability, and technical capacity of certification bodies meet the relevant requirements, the Chinese government recognizes the market admittance system to manage the certification bodies. According to the Regulations on Certification and Accreditation, only certification bodies meeting the qualification requirements and being approved by the CNCA can carry out relevant certification activities within the territory of China. To obtain qualification, a certification body shall meet the following requirements: possess corporate capacity; have a permanent address and necessary facilities; maintain a management system that meets certification and accreditation requirements; have registered capital of no less than RMB 3 million; and employ more than 10 certification professionals in relevant fields. The certification body engaged in product certification activities shall have corresponding technical capacities such as inspection and testing.


Qualification approvals of Certification are classified into product certification, certification of service, and management system certification. According to the National Central Product Classification and Code, product certification is classified into 21 fields, certification of service is classified into 22 fields, and management system certification is classified into 6fields. See Figure 3 for the Chinese Institutional System on Certification and Accreditation. Certification bodies can carry out "certification projects" within the approved “certification scope but need to be registered.